What I wish I’d known: The Alumni Perspective

The fourth session in the Careers Service’s ‘What I wish I’d known as a student’ featured a wonderful SOAS Alumni, Leonie Le Borgne, who completed a Masters in Violence Conflict and Development 3 years ago. Leonie had planned to go into humanitarian relief work, but got side-track by a social enterprise opportunity in the Philippines.

Leonie was one of those students who took part in many activities whilst at university. For example, she volunteered at two different organisations at the same time –Tibet Society part of the Tibet Relief Fund and Greenshoots Foundation. It was during her time at GreenShoots Foundation that her boss offered her the chance to do a placement year abroad. Leonie ended up in the Philippines, were she worked with a partner organisation that works to transform the slums. She worked on a project funded by the private sector to build new homes for slum dwellers. Whilst working on that project it became clear that the needs of the people were much greater than initially thought, for example, people had lovely home but no money. After researching and talking with the local community, she helped local farmers set up a social recycling waste management project that helped them to generate income.

On returning to England, she found the Student Hubs job vacancy via the SOAS Careers Service. It was a graduate scheme with a placement at SOAS. She is now a permanent member of the SOAS Student Enterprise team helping students start up social enterprise projects.

One top tip: Leonie says that doing work experience of any type is very important. She was lucky to find something that she really enjoys, but there are loads of other opportunities for students. She encourages students to get involved in internships and to not be afraid to volunteer even if it is just for a couple of hours a week. She was given a great opportunity by her two day a week volunteering experience and now she has a career that she really enjoys.

SOAS Careers Service thanks Leonie for her time and contribution.


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