What I wish I’d known: The Alumni Perspective

Our alum at today’s ‘What I wished I’d known’ was Sam Mayer. Sam has held analytical, managerial and executive roles in various development organisations including the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Columbian University’s Earth Institute and Grassroots Soccer. He is a leader in the ‘Sport for the development sector’. Sam received his MSc in Development Economic from SOAS in 2007 and now lives in New York. He currently works as a fundraiser, raising funds for Grassroots Soccer, an organisation that using football to engage and motivate young people.

Sam enjoyed his time at SOAS. He encourages students to try to get some work experience, whether paid or volunteering. This will give you some good networks and help you develop your skills. It would also give you some insights into how organisations work and help you decide what sort of work you want to do in the future.

One of the benefits of getting work experience for Sam was that he was able to explore the different aspects of his interests and experience. He was particularly interested in how the public and private sector can work together to impact change in the society. This led him to work in project management, doing analytical work in the real estate sector and then travelling to Africa to work on development projects.

His key advice is for students to imagine themselves five years from now and think strategically about the sort of work they will like to be doing. Whatever the work might be; now is the time to get the skills and experience needed for that job.

Diana Omololu


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