SOAS Careers – what do you think of us? 87 people have told us so far….

Careers Survey happening 23.4.15

This week we started our second annual survey of the Careers Service.

We do it at this time of year so we can catch you before you do your exams and get the maximum number of responses.

Also, if you’ve not realised we exist, there is still enough time for you to come and see us and let us help you in your career planning, whether you are looking for what to do after you graduate, a holiday job, or something in between.

And if you have absolutely no idea what you want to do for your career, then do come and see us : we have loads of useful stuff to help you in your decision-making.

So, if you’ve not had your say yet, please do – we are really keen to know what you like and what you think we could do even better.

Drop in and see us in Room 101!

Oh, and you don’t HAVE to do anything other than tick boxes in the survey, but it really helps us if you can say a bit more, so please fill in the text boxes if you have time!

We’ll publish the results before the end of term.

Thank you!

Philippa Hewett


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