Is it too late for me to get a job?

I recently had a number of students ask whether they have left it too late to find a job this year and whether they have to wait until next year. The answer is NO – it is not too late to get a job. It is certainly understandable that some student want to concentrate on their studies in order to get a good grade.

The SOAS Careers JobOnline page currently has over 3000 live opportunities. You might find that some of the organisations that interest you are not currently recruiting, due to the fact that some employers have specific recruitment cycles. However, there are plenty more who recruit all year round depending on their business needs. So here are some quick and easy steps to take regardless of whether you are sure or not of the sort of job you want to do now.

  • Review: Just by reflecting on past experiences of your education and work can help shed some light on your interest and skills as well as giving some insight into what’s important to you in life and work. This information is very useful for understanding your motivation and explaining your skills and competencies to an employer.
  • Research: Think about career options that might interest you, jobs that would allow you to use your best skills and explore things that fascinate or inspire you. You could start with SOAS, University of London – Alumni & Current Students LinkedIn for example, where you can see the sorts of jobs past students, who did the same subject as you, are doing. You could also pop into the SOAS Careers Service for a chat or use the JobOnline page to see what might be available in your area of interest
  • Update: Have a look at your CV, again SOAS Careers Service can help you make sure that you have a good self-marketing package. Just pop into Room 101 College Building for a chat.

We’ll also be running our 2015 Jobs Bazaar on Wednesday 10th June. Pop along for your chance to meet employers with opportunities to fill.

For further information please visit the SOAS Careers webpage or call us on 020 7898 4115.

Diana Omololu


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