So you got a 2:2; Well congratulations

Do not get caught up in the media hype about graduate schemes being the only options for graduates and that you need a 2:1 to start your career. It is simply not true, if you received a 2:2 and are looking for a graduate scheme, there are plenty of employers who accept applications from those with a 2:2 degree. Sometimes you just need to look a little bit closer at the details on their webpage. Yes, some opportunities do require a 2.1, but others such as marketing, management and certain finance roles have different requirements.

Another important factor is that the big graduate recruiters only represent a very small slice of the graduate labour market. There are plenty of great opportunities within the SME sector. Many of the small medium size organisations generally operate a more flexible entry requirement and offer sometime a more varied career progression. See the following links for further information

You might be tempted to consider postgraduate study as a way of ‘compensating’ for your degree or buying yourself some time. Whilst postgraduate study is a worthwhile option, it is not a requirement for most jobs. So do your research into whether it is the best option for you, think about how it fits into the overall career plan. Also think about where you want to study, how you are going to fund your studies, is the subject one that really motivates you? It is important to gather all the necessary information you can before making a final decision.

Finally why not come in and talk through your options with one of our Careers Consultant. It might help to look at things from an impartial and neutral perspective or just bounce some ideas around. Don’t worry if you live outside London: we can offer Skype and telephone appointments and are here throughout the summer. For further information please visit the SOAS Careers webpage or call us on 020 7898 4115.

Diana Omololu

Careers Consultant


About soascareers

We are the dedicated provider of careers advice, events and information services for current SOAS students, staff and GradClub members.

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