Welcome Week Buzz

Welcome Week is a busy time for everyone, and it was no exception for those of us at SOAS Careers Services. Last week over 2,000 students and graduates (2,115 to be exact) passed through our doors to meet with Careers Consultants for drop-ins, quick queries and other guidance.

Some were thinking ahead to life after graduation and had questions about how to secure work abroad following undergraduate studies, and some recent graduates were now turning their attention to finding full-time work with studies now complete. Others were planning for part-time work next summer, while a number of students had queries about identifying internships or volunteer work while studying. We also met with career changers who were interested to learn more about how to gain experience to give them an edge for their newly chosen professions, and some were at the start of exploring career options.

Our Careers Consultants also participated in 17 events, including workshops and fairs, providing information on the range of services available. All in all – an exciting week!

The SOAS Careers Service team is equipped to support you to find answers to these and other questions you might have about your career. Whether it be identifying the careers you can pursue with your degree, gaining work experience or preparing for job applications and interviews, we are here to help. You can book appointments on the day or drop by to browse the range of resources we have on hand.  Come in and say hello!

Tisha Pryor


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