Santander Internships at the Tibet Relief Fund


Kathryn Smith, Deputy Director at the Tibet Relief Fund, has recently joined the Santander Internship Scheme by hiring a SOAS student. Speaking about her positive experience with the scheme, Kathryn let us know the following:

“In short, SOAS has made the Santander internship scheme extremely easy for us. It feels like, as an organisations, we have had to do very little work ourselves fand the result has been better than we could have hoped for! Both Leonie and The Internship Officer has been great at sorting as much of the details and making arrangements as possible. We were originally only looking to take one intern, but the quality of the potential interns presented to us were extremely high and made us wish we could have taken on more!

Having students from SOAS is especially good for us as an International organisation as students tend to have a strong interest in both the area and cause of our work. This makes it great for us as we don’t have to sell the issue (so to speak) but also interesting for the intern. Our current intern also had several language skills which have allowed her to do research that perhaps a student from a different organisation may have been unable to do.

The Santander Internship scheme has worked perfectly. It gave us a hard working, fun and reliable intern who did just what we needed her to. As a small organisation, we didn’t have much budget,  however, the Santander scheme gave a great opportunity for us to be able to hire an intern without having to find a massive amount of funds to cover the cost.

In fact, we’ve had such a good experience with the scheme, we’re in the process of considering if we can take on a second SOAS intern!”

Alexis Fromageot



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