New Year, new career?

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One interesting new year’s resolution which came into our #neyearnewcareer ideas box was to work a shorter week, and it got me thinking.

In the UK we often seem to have a culture of ‘presenteeism’, where quantity (of hours worked) is seen as equally important as quality (of output).

Why is this?

Interestingly, the graduate job market is expanding (increases of 7% in the last two years) so there is less likely to be a fear of not getting a job at all after graduation, although obviously that’s not a recipe for sitting back and waiting for a career to appear as if by magic.

So is this a fear of not doing enough? Or enough of the right things?

Think of Stephen Covey’s image of the hard-working woodcutter who does not take the time to sharpen the saw: eventually, no matter how hard s/he works, the saw blunts and it takes longer to cut the wood.

So, maybe make it a New Year’s resolution to sharpen your own saw, whether that means taking more breaks, reading more widely, or maybe coming to the Careers Service to get a new perspective on your future.

And if you’d like to read more tips on how to work smarter, not harder, try these ones:

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Happy 2016 to you all!

Philippa Hewett
Head of SOAS Careers Service





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