Why bother to register your career thinking?

Here’s why!

One of these statements is likely to apply to you – and if you can’t find one, please let us know so we can amend the questions for next year if need be.

  • I am not ready to start thinking about my career yet
  • I have no career ideas but want to start thinking
  • I have some ideas about my career and I am ready to start planning
  • I have a career in mind and intend to gain relevant work experience
  • I know what I want to do but am not sure how to get there
  • I want to spend a year gaining experience
  • I am ready to apply for graduate level / professional opportunities
  • I am ready to apply for further study
  • I have been applying for opportunities and so far I have not been successful
  • I have a job, further study or my own business plan confirmed.


We asked everybody to pick one of these statements when they registered (plus another one about work experience), and 70% of you did so. Thank you!

This has given us some great data to enable us to work more closely with departments to tailor Careers provision to meet the needs of each cohort.

It has also allowed us to write to everybody who answered a particular question with some tailored resources and an offer to follow up with us in the Careers Service.

Last week we wrote to the 30% of students who did not register offering year-group tailored support, and an invitation to register and let us know where their careers thinking is now. So far there have been 21 responses, which is great and we’d love to see some more, so if you weren’t able to register in September, then please click here and do so now – it takes about 30 seconds.


Look forward to hearing from you!

Philippa Hewett.



About soascareers

We are the dedicated provider of careers advice, events and information services for current SOAS students, staff and GradClub members.

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