My Time as an Ambitious Futures Trainee…So Far!

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If you had asked me on my first day at University if I saw myself working in higher education five years later I would have laughed. I was completely set on being an accountant and living the city life. I wanted to just get my head down and get my degree done.

However, a few months into life as a student I became actively engaged in the students union and everything snowballed from there. I soon starting working for the University in Student Services part time and took up an elected role in the students union. The ability to feel like you are making a positive impact is addictive and once I had finished my studies I jumped at the chance to take on a full time role in student welfare. I then found out about Ambitious Futures, applied for the scheme and here we are.

Whilst working in the university environment was a draw for me to the scheme, I also loved the idea of going and doing three different placements. I didn’t (and still don’t) know exactly what I want to do, so the chance to try out three different areas for a few months at a time seemed like a great idea. At the end of the day if you were working on something you really didn’t enjoy, it would only be for a few months.

I am now five months into the scheme and already I have learnt so much and met so many people. Coming from another job in higher education, the big difference for me has been the focus on my personal development. Part of the programme is completing a qualification with the Institute of Leadership and Management but alongside I also have a mentor, programme director, line managers and other trainees to offer support and guidance. I have no doubt that at the end of the scheme I will have gained huge amounts of experience to take forward and use in the future. Add to that a good salary, so I can actually afford to live in London, and a chance to improve student experience, I am very happy with the scheme so far!

This is just my perspective, Ambitious Futures brings together a genuinely diverse group of trainees from all over the country with different backgrounds

I am currently based in the careers service at SOAS, so if you want to pop in for a chat about the scheme then please feel free. You can also email me .

For more information and to apply, visit close on Monday 25th January.

Robyn Fitzharris


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