Arnie – a great example of a career-changer!

Young Arnie


Say the name Arnold Schwarzenegger and ask what his job is, and the reactions you get will probably depend on the age of the person speaking.

For some, he is a bodybuilder par excellence, for others he is a movie actor, politician or businessman. And yes, he has been all of those through his career and continues to entertain many of us.

The interesting thing of course is not how he developed all those muscles or his film career, but the fact that he saw beyond his immediate role to think about what his future might be.

Nowadays it is much more usual to expect to change your career at least once in your working life, and sometimes where you start is in a completely different place from where you end up.

If you’re not sure where to start, then come and see us in the Careers Service – we are open all summer!

Philippa Hewett



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