Looking for Part Time work? Start here!


Working part time can be essential to provide financial income whilst studying. It can also be a fantastic opportunity to develop valuable skills, gain experience in a particular area, and make contacts useful moving forwards. Many part time and flexible opportunities exist across the majority of sectors. Keep an open mind when searching.

Example vacancies currently live include…

** Public Affairs Intern – 2 days a week**

** Freelance Arabic Translator at Family For Every Child (non-profit) – Flexible / piece work **

** Events Host at Royal Museums Greenwich – part time **

** English Tutor – flexible hours **

Your options:

  • What do you want to do? Look for opportunities within organisations and sectors which interest you.
  • What do you have to offer? What are your skills? Are you fluent in other languages? Do you have experience and understanding of another culture? Do you have experience in social media marketing? Ensure these are fully demonstrated on your CV, and use these to direct your job hunt.
  • Be realistic – how much time and energy do you have to offer alongside your course? How flexible can you be?
  • Are you on an International visa? This can mean restrictions on the amount of hours you can work, and the type of work you can do. See the UK Council for International Student Affairs for more details.


Where to start looking…


Know your rights:

It is important to be safe and aware when working and searching for jobs. Employers and agencies have obligations to treat you in a certain way.

  • When looking for work you should never have to pay an agency fees upfront for job searches
  • When working you must be given a written contract within two months.

Citizens Advice and the government have further details.


For further support, and to review CVs and applications, come to SOAS Careers.


** vacancies live 5th Oct 2016

Alice Moon, Careers Consultant


About soascareers

We are the dedicated provider of careers advice, events and information services for current SOAS students, staff and GradClub members.

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