Something for the Weekend: Easter Holiday


It’s coming to the end of the first week of the Easter break, and you’re no doubt still eyeing up that seemingly never ending pile of essays and revision that you’d promised yourself you’d get done this week. And to top it off, that glorious sun seems to have reached its quota for the British springtime…….

So what better day than today, #NationalKindnessDay, to spend 2 minutes reading about how to make a sucky day a little less sucky.

We’re here at SOAS Careers for everything to do with your next steps after SOAS – and are on hand to help you make that journey as smooth as possible. We’re all moved in to our shiny new Careers Zone in SL62 (Paul Webley Wing), so swing by any time for a quick chat.

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Have Your Say about Volunteering


At SOAS Careers we’re keen to make sure we support you as best as we possibly can. The Volunteering Service at SOAS Careers is currently carrying out a survey of current volunteering amongst SOAS students.

The survey only takes 5 minutes to fill out – whether you’re a regular volunteer or if you’re just interested in the idea of helping others. Spread the word to your cohort!

Click here for the survey!

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SOAS Make A Difference Awards

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SOAS Careers is excited to announce the launch of the 2017 Make a Difference Awards. These awards recognise the talents of SOAS students and contributions they make to improve other people’s lives.

There are 4 Awards this year:

  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Volunteer Team of the Year
  • Student Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Social Enterprise Business plan of the Year

This is your chance nominate either yourself or a fellow student or student group that you know for an award. The winner for each award will be decided by a panel of judges from across SOAS. All nominees will be invited to a celebration event in May, with prizes for the finalists in each category.

More than that though, nominating those making a difference is a fantastic way to spread the word about what they’re achieving and bring together a community of change-makers on campus.

Nominate here by midnight, Tuesday 9 May, and spread the word with #soasawards

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Something for the Weekend: Masters Week

Italy City Scenography Colors Door Entrance Books

As we hurtle ever closer to the end of term, here’s a guilt-free way to add 2 seconds on to your essay procrastination. To celebrate all things further education for Careers week, we’re taking a look at what Academics Say…!

Inspired to go on and study but not quite sure how you want your next steps after to SOAS to look? Not to worry – come by SL57 and we can have a chat about where to even start thinking about the future.

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Insight from Your Fellow Student: Mastering Your Career

As part of our Student Insight blog series, Zipporah Gene,MSc Development Studies (graduating 2017) shares a candid account of how she landed her new role as a charity account manager.
We’ve all been there. The deadlines, the assignments, the minefield that is university life.
How in God’s name are we expected to pass exams, study course materials, and plot our future careers?
Unlike my undergraduate years, studying for a full time MA has really amped up the pressure. Three years of naive bliss and procrastination, has given way to a mindless panic-stricken year long dash to the finish line. I’ve woken up in sweats at night wondering what on earth I’ll be doing a year from now. The pressure can be crippling.
Because let’s face it, if you’re studying for your MA, chances are you want more. You’re not satisfied with minimum wage, or a job that may or may not provide career progression. You want it all. It’s that kind of mindset that ultimately means you’ve set everything up with the belief that you only have one year to get everything right.
I won’t even begin to pretend that I’ve got the whole work-life balance schtick in order, but I’ve definitely been given a helping hand, courtesy of the SOAS Careers Team.
Frustrated that I wasn’t getting replies from employers, I booked myself into a CV workshop.
Thank God I did.
After months of self-doubt, anxiety and self-flagellation, I had a eureka moment – the CV that I was sending out needed a lot of work.
It’s easy to get tunnel vision, when your Saturday nights are stuck up in the oxygen deprived heights of Floor A, surviving on a diet of gluten-free energy bars and vegan wraps, so I’ve forgiven myself and chalked it all up to experience. But in hindsight, it is comical how much I tortured myself, when all I should have done was ask for help.
My initial interview was booked on the day (be sure to book early in the morning) but I also popped back in numerous times to get feedback on my CV. After several re-writes, a lot hand-holding and talks on streamlining my job hunting strategy, I’m proud to say that I have a job. Scratch that. I have a career.
SOAS careers has helped me land an internship, which led to a job, which is now the role I can foresee doing for may years to come. No matter how qualified you are of how proficient in your field you think you are, we all need allies and I’m glad I found mine.
They’re a thankless bunch down in SL57 but they know what they’re talking about. So talk to them.
Seeing as how it’s Master’s week, I say, ‘become the master of your career’.
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Zipporah Gene
Please note that the views expressed in this blog are those of the author and unless specifically stated are not those of SOAS Careers Service. If you consider this content to be in breach of the SOAS values, please alert

What’s on this Week: Masters Week


As we head closer to the end of term, we take a long look at the options available to Masters students – whether you’ve got bags of experience or if you’re stepping out in to work for the first time!

Not a Masters student? No bother – come by Careers in SL57 and we can still talk about your next steps.

Here’s what’s on for Masters week:

Wed 15 March, 1 – 2pm, S118, Paul Webley Wing: Getting Started with Career Development:

Wed 15 March, 2 – 3pm, S118, Paul Webley Wing: Refreshing your Interview Skills:

Fri 17 March, 2 – 3.30pm, SL62 (next to Careers in SL57), Paul Webley Wing: Opportunities for People who Wish to Live and Work in Korea with EPIK:

Fri 17 March, 3.30 – 5pm, SL62 (next to Careers in SL57), Paul Webley Wing:  ICRC Presentation for Language Students:

See you there!

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Something for the Weekend: Third Sector Week


In the midst of essay deadline hell? Take a minute out to have a read of how life changes from your first year to last year at Uni!

Been inspired by Third Sector week at SOAS Careers? Still not quite sure how you want your next steps after to SOAS to look? Not to worry – come by SL57 and we can have a chat about where to even start thinking about the future.

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