Something for the weekend: Careers advice from Humbug the Careers cat

If you were in the Paul Webley Wing cloisters last Thursday (4 May) visiting the Wellbeing for Exams stands, you might have seen Humbug the Careers cat.

He popped in to offer a calming purr to students in the throes of revision and exams, and gave us this exclusive interview.


When asked what the most popular question was from students, Humbug noted that once they were cuddling him, their main questions were around why his fur was so soft, and how he could be so chilled when there were queues of people waiting to greet him.

He did point out that stroking a cat reduces both the human’s and the cat’s blood pressure, so he had generally enjoyed the experience even though it had involved public transport in the rush hour and so he did need a bit of a cuddle to help him recover.

Humbug’s top careers advice, useful for exams as well, is ‘make sure you get enough sleep’. Clearly as a cat, his idea of enough sleep is something more than 16 hours a day, but if we humans can get half of that we’d be doing rather well.

Humbug (or possibly his uncle, Professor Lupin) will be visiting us next Friday 11 May to dispense more cuddles and careers advice – and if you need to talk to anybody about your career ideas before then, you can try our website or simply pop in to see us in SL67 in the Paul Webley Wing.


Philippa Hewett





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