Covid-19 FAQ & Update

Hello all,

With the national response to the Covid-19 outbreak putting lots of things on hold for an unknown amount of time, and the worry caused by the outbreak, we know this may be an uncertain time for our students & graduates, both in the UK & abroad. We’re here to update you on the steps we’re taking to support & protect our students & graduates as best we can during this difficult period.

Read on for more info and answers to some FAQs, and a list of Covid-19 & online volunteering resources. 

We know that people will still be observing application deadlines for jobs, volunteering, and further study, as well as wanting to make career decisions. SOAS Careers is still here to help & support you through this time, and we are confident that we will be able to continue to deliver a high level of service to our student & graduate community through a rapid response to the changing situation, online service provision, and continued support. 

Please follow the SOAS website for the School’s latest updates relating to the situation surrounding Covid-19. Please follow this blog, our social media, and our website pages for the latest information relating to the Careers Service. 

Our priority is to ensure our students & graduates are supported safely and we are here to help you through our regular careers support, information & service. 


Q. Will you still be open?
Q. What are your opening hours?
Q. How can I book an appointment?
Q. How will my appointment be run?
Q. I require a special adjustment in order to have an appointment. Can you help?
Q. Where can I find information about career planning?
Q. Will you still be running your Careers events?
Q. I am writing an application with a deadline coming up. What should I do?
Q. How can I access CareersZONE if I am no longer a student?
Q. How can I access MySOAS Student if I am no longer a student?
Q. Where can I find the most up-to-date information about Covid-19?
Plus Volunteering Resources

Q. Will you still be open? 

Our physical space in SL62, PWW will be closed until further notice, but we will continue to offer our one-to-one appointments to students during the week via online calls. We’ll be virtually ‘open’ (i.e. booking appointments over email, answering queries) from 10am to 4pm until further notice.


Q. What are your opening hours now?

We are switching to our vacation period hours a week early in response to Covid-19, and will be offering one-to-one appointments between 2 – 4pm Monday to Friday.

Q. How can I book an appointment? 

We’ll be running our appointments during our remote opening via Google Hangouts video calling. Our appointments will continue to be bookable for the same day only. You can request to book an appointment by emailing us on, requesting an appointment, and giving us a brief description of what you’d like to discuss. We’ll then book you into a slot during the afternoon.  You can sign into CareersZONE with your SOAS ID and password, or your Alumni account email if you’ve graduated.

We are offering appointments between 2 – 4pm for our regular 15-minute slots. Due to the realities of online video calling, we are allowing for 10 minutes between each appointment to allow for each person to have their full 15-minute slot regardless of possible technical difficulties. 

All SOAS students will be able to access Google Hangouts via the chat feature in the Gmail browser for their SOAS email account. If you are not a current SOAS student, but have access to a Gmail account, we ask you to use this and we can invite you to a video call. If you cannot access a Gmail account, we’ll be able to use Skype but it may take slightly longer to set up your appointment. If you don’t have access to either of these platforms, let us know when you email us to book your appointment. 

Please email us and we will book you into a slot on the same day. If you’d like to review a CV or application, please attach these to your email. 


Q. How will my appointment be run? 

Each appointment will be a video call. We’ll call you on your Gmail account once you’ve booked. If you’d like to discuss an application, interview, your CV or work history, then please attach a CV or cover letter to your email when you book your appointment. You’ll be able to put any questions to the Consultant while your appointment is happening. 


Q. I require a special adjustment in order to have an appointment. Can you help? 

Please let us know if you require any adjustments to your appointment when you email us to request an appointment. We are happy to accomodate any reasonable adjustments to allow you to access the careers support you need. 


Q. Where can I find information about career planning? 

Before your appointment, please be sure to check out our Careers resources on MySOAS Student, which contains a wealth of information regarding making career choices, exploring your strengths & interests, finding suitable vacancies, sector & degree pathway info, writing successful applications, succeeding at interview and much more. 

If you are no longer a SOAS student, you can access our Graduate Support Network, which contains the same information as MySOAS Student relevant to graduates.


Q. Will you still be running your Careers events? 

Following School & government advice, we have decided to cancel our upcoming on-campus careers events. We are exploring options for remote delivery of these events and will keep the CareersZONE events calendar updated with any changes once we have decided on the best way to move forward with this. 


Q. I am writing an application with a deadline coming up. What should I do? 

We recommend you continue to observe any application deadlines during this time of uncertainty. However, you should keep up to date with the websites & social media platforms of any organisations to whom you are writing applications. Some organisations may be pushing back deadlines so do keep an eye on this. This also includes keeping up to date with the information on job adverts posted on external websites. Please be sure to check all of these channels before you email an employer to check if there are any updates regarding applications, as companies recruiting will likely be experiencing a high level of similar queries.


Q. How can I access CareersZONE if I am no longer a student?

If you graduated before 2017, you’ll have to sign up as for an Alumni account on CareersZONE in order to gain access. Our team will then approve your account, which can take up to three working days,

If you graduated after 2017, you will already have an Alumni account which will be accessible with your old SOAS email address if you haven’t logged in before. Once you do log in, we recommend changing your email address & password. You do not need to register for an Alumni card with the SOAS Alumni office to gain CareersZONE access.


Q. How can I access MySOAS Student if I am no longer a student? 

While you lose access to MySOAS Student and subsequently, our Careers resources, you can access all of our careers information on the Graduate Support Network. It contains the same information tailored to graduates and is an invaluable resource in helping you plan your career once you leave your studies at SOAS. 


Q. Where can I find the most up-to-date information about Covid-19? 

The SOAS website will be regularly updated with information about how the School will be responding to the Covid-19 outbreak, and SOAS Careers will be operating in line with guidance from the School and the government.

CareersZONE will be continually updated with the latest information on Careers events and details about appointments you have booked. You will also receive automatic email updates if an event or appointment has been changed or cancelled. 

Volunteering resources

We’ve compiled a list of volunteering resources, allowing you to explore opportunities to volunteer within your local community in direct response to the Covid-19 outbreak, assisting those less able to leave their homes during this time. Please ensure that you keep the safety of yourselves and others in mind when undertaking such opportunities during this time, and do not do anything that makes you feel like you are putting yourself or others at risk. Make sure to observe the relevant health & safety government advice. Please keep up to date with the latest information coming from any organisations you wish to get involved with, in relation to health & safety. 

Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups (UK) – Find community groups in your local area, working to assist the most vulnerable of the community in accessing food, medicine, errand help and more. These are available across London and all around the UK.

The Felix Project (London) – Working to deliver surplus food to the local community. 

FareShare (UK) – Volunteer to assist FareShare in responding to the Covid-19 outbreak through delivery of food across the UK. 

Online volunteering resources

We’ve also put together a small list of online volunteering sources, where you can use your skills & knowledge to volunteer with programmes remotely around the world. 

InsideSherpa – A huge collection of virtual learning experiences from a wide range of companies, helping you learn about the inner-workings of a range of different industries, job functions & skills! Sectors include law (with a human rights module from Leo Cussen), marketing, design, finance, consulting & more!

UN Online Volunteering​ – A huge range of online volunteering opportunities with the UN

LibriVox Audio recording books for the public domain​

Be My Eyes – ​Connecting low-vision people with sighted volunteers via an app

Missing Maps – Mapping areas where humanitarian organisations are trying to meet the needs of vulnerable people

Anti-Slavery Manuscripts​ – Turning handwritten correspondence between anti-slavery activists into readable digital text for research publications


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