Spring clean your career!

Now the weather is turning towards summer (and exams!), why not take a moment before it all gets too stressful to have a think about the C word. Yes, Career!

Take yourself back to when you were 5 – what were your hopes and dreams? Do you still have them? In fact, do you have a dream for what you want to do after University, or are you just hoping something will come up and it will all be OK?

There is a case for the latter view – Google ‘planned happenstance’ if you want to know more – and I’ll blog about this soon, but today’s offering is about taking some time to think about where you are now in relation to your career thinking, where you want to be, and how you might get there.

So, take a moment and think about how close you are to knowing what you want to do as a first step after University. Whether you do or do not, the SOAS Careers Service is there to help you – so use our resources online or come and see us for a 15 minute Quick Query to help you to define where you are now in your career thinking and to move to your next step towards where you want to be.

How you might get there will be as individual a process as you are, and so coming in to talk to us is often a good idea.

However, here are some useful tips to help you with spring-cleaning your career

1. Review your CV – yes, sounds boring, but really useful to make sure it’s ready to personalise when you find that perfect internship opportunity or graduate job. Here’s some advice on a ‘can’t go wrong’ CV – or come to one of our CV workshops (Mon, Weds. Friday) if you want to find out more about how to personalise your CV to make it stand out.

2. Make a note of your key achievements over the last few months and then add to it on a regular basis. Employers want to know what you’ve achieved and the scope of it, and you can remember those details (for example how much money you raised for charity) if you note it at the time.

3. Think about your contacts or social network – how can these help you to define or find your perfect role? and have you ever Googled your name to see what’s out there on social media about you?

And if all else fails and you sill have no idea, then please do come and see us for a quick consultation soon – it may be the most useful 15 minutes of the spring for you!